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My dreams are, so far, from here.

The next step in realizing my muse was about 3 years later, after having been in South Africa for a year, having come back to sunny Europe and having moved to live in Holland.

I was living in Leiden at the time when I got to know Jim. Jim was, and still is, an excellent guitar player. We'd hang out at his flat or in my attic, Jim playing his tunes and me singing my words and somehow we'd meet nicely in the middle.

All I have left of the 10 or so songs that we would play together I've put here for you to listen to, though be warned they were all done in one take, in Jim's front room, through one microphone :

I've compiled a list bellow with the same songs plus the lyrics for the songs we did together but I have no recordings of.

Freely How we are all here, freely
Hear the song
Read the lyric
Spectacular Sunrise Waking up next to Alice
Hear the song
Read the lyric
Walk On A traveler folk thang
Hear the song
Read the lyric
You and I You and I
Hear the song
Read the lyric
Here About being here
Read the lyric
Love is an ocean Love is...
Read the lyric
My love and I That love thing gets everywhere
Read the lyric
I used to have a lady lover A song from a long time ago
Read the lyric

We did one live performance before a living audience in the Sus in Leiden, after that we seamed to go our separate ways.

So I bought a computer complete with a Sound BlasterLive card, and started on the next leg of the journey.

To save on precious web/server space I've re-sampled these recordings to make them smaller.

If you like what you hear on any of these pages, make a list of the songs you like (up to 10) and compile your own CD.
All your favorite songs recorded in CD quality, just ask, send an e-mail using any of the links on this page, fill in the Order Form, or try 'mail@kingsonone.com'
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