Alien-Nation cysgod
tudalen scripts a codes

'And a place to play with them,'
Below you will find a few scripts that I've liked, most come to be here via,,, or the w3c Schools.
If it helps in any way, rip away at these, but, following some of the LINKS I've put in at the bottom of this page will take you to the proper places, to those sites where all this originally came from. The buttons usually do what they say and text must first be 'selected' before being moved, except in the case of the 'copy To clipBoard' button, where no notification is given, its just done, all that's in the main wordEditor window is copied to the clipBoard.
I've added in a drop down form at the bottom of the page that calls on many loose pages, all of which have different codes and functions written within them.


[ oo1 }
Top Bits

[ oo2 } Refresh, History, Save as..., Add to Favs Buttons

[ oo3 }
Good General CODES

[ oo4 } Frame Branding
Force to stay inFrames

[ oo5 }
WINDOW opener and inPage Window opener

[ oo6 }
onLoad etc, events

[ oo7 }
CSS reDirect

[ oo8 }
Button Switch/Changer

[ oo9 }
To View Source and Resize Window/Scroll

[ o10 }

[ o11 }

[ o12 }

[ o13 }

[ o14 }

[ o15 }


[ I remember sitting in a restaurant with my then present girlfriend, after having eaten we got closer with a coffee and as we both smoked, a cigarette. Somewhere within the deep candle lit conversation I must have said something funny, which made her laugh, not a ha ha hi hi laugh but more the suppressed nasal laugh, which came at such a speed she managed to blast the whole contents of the ashtray, just there in front of us, all over me! ]