Alien-Nation cysgod
tudalen cymorth gair

'That's a helping hand with theWORD for those who dont know'
I've found that the best thing to do is to 'save as.....' and make the page your own.
Or just make your own.

the WORD, mightier than any sword; other than the one that chops off the hand or the tongue, but now I'm getting too technical and in too deep for my own good.
theWORD, what exactly constitutes theWORD? Dose it really have to come from God? And if theWORD doesn’t come straight from God, dose that mean that it then falls under the category 'None Scriptural Evil Religious Doctrine', I don’t know these things you see, 'all I have is this keyboard and the truth'. (thankyou Bono 4 that!)

Any way, enough Rock and Roll, here's some more.

This page is a 'theWORD assistant', through the square window you'll find many different HTML Generators and Wizards,
Through the same square window you can make a call on many on-line 'word assistants', like the 'Dictionary' or the 'Etymology' page.

But don’t take myWORD for it, take a look for yourSELF.

I wrote this page to help me to write pages, I compiled the 'Wizards' and 'Gen' pages below before I knew anything about 'copyrights',
So to keep the record straight I only put this thing together, I didn't write any of the wizards or gens etc.
O, and watch out if you only have one screen. And 'refresh' to unlock a page.

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[ I found out that I needed some text here to make the page longer, its all because of the 'windoBar' and the 'minimize' button. The page has to be long enough for the buttons to show as a bar at the top of the screen. Dont understand? Have a go and you'll see. ]